Who we are

In the two past years REXORIA have been touring Europe, been played on radio worldwide, recorded a CD and played nearly 60 live shows!
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The band was formed in 2016 by Frida Ohlin, Jonas and Martin Gustavsson. They later found the guitarist Cristofer Svensson who joined the band and the group was complete.

The music they play is melodic hard rock with some folk influences.

They have played live in a lot of different type of live shows like music festivals, rock venues, live on radio and city festivals.

REXORIA have played with many famous bands such as: Hardcore Superstar, Smash Into Pieces, Raubtier, Electric Boys, Bloodbound, Crystal Viper, Bullet, Thobbe Englund (ex Sabaton) and Battle Beast.

In 2016 was the vocalist Frida Ohlin nominated in the competition "The Rock Voice 2016".

In summer 2017, REXORIA signed with the german record label Pride & Joy. The album Queen of Light was released in January 2018. The song "The Saviour" showed to be at top ten of the most popular songs on Amazon.

So if you like powerful female vocals with melodic melodies, burning guitar riffs and blasting drums you really should check out or contact REXORIA.